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My experience started in childhood where every tree was a possible treehouse. Every piece of scrap lumber in the neighborhood I had tabs on. My dad's jar of 16 gauge nails were missing and my moms framing square was misplaced. As a child, I couldn't be kept away from the next project, and coming from a long line of craftsmen and craftswomen, I had even one less obstacle. 

Upon inquiry, you may have many questions about my beds for example. I usually request a quick phone call or text. I leave as much in your court as possible. Size, dimensions, finish and feel. Once the specs of your order are solidified, I will always reiterate to ensure you get the exact piece you  want before I begin building. If for whatever I cannot help you, I am always happy to consult in any way I can or send you to someone who can.

Part of the perks of having hand crafted wooden furniture in your home as opposed to prefabricated pieces besides the quality and beauty- it will last the test of time. If for any reason that you are not satisfied I am happy to repair or replace it at no additional cost. I build custom furniture for a fair price and per spec via your personal preferences.

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